Paraffin Wax Treatment

Paraffin wax treatments are a wonderful way to ease the aches and pains in your hands, feet and elbows as well as leaving your skin feeling and looking wonderful, if you suffer from dry, chapped skin on any of these areas a paraffin wax treatment could offer a big improvement. Moisturiser to suit your skin will be applied via a massage, with the addition of essential oils if this is necessary or desired and then you dip your entire hand/foot into a soothing warm bath of liquid paraffin in a special heater to keep the temperature safe and ambient a couple of times to build up a nice thick glove/sock, then your hand/foot will be covered with a special bag and mitt to retain the heat which helps any aches or pains and also opens your pores so the moisturiser can be absorbed fully to the deepest layers of your skin, after 10-20 minutes the wax just slides off leaving you feeling relaxed and your skin soft and smooth. This will not remove hair or cause any pain as it just slides away in one piece!

Paraffin wax can be a standalone treatment or it can be added on to make another treatment more luxurious!

Paraffin wax treatment:
Hands £15
Feet £20

Add on to another service £6

*Includes hydrating moisturiser and massage.
Bookings must be made in advance for this treatment so I have time to prepare the wax for you.

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