Non Surgical Breast Enhancements

How Does it Work?

Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement’s uses four systems such as vacuum, (for lift), microcurrent, (to tighten), light therapy and massage, (to stimulate chest muscles and breast tissue) tp help breasts become firmer and lifted.

The light therapy, microcurrent and massage stimulate blood flow which increases breast tissue making the breasts firmer and more uplifted. The gentle vacuum system assists in the production of natural collagen and working the four systems together can give you the ultimate shape.

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Is The Treatment Painful?

None of our clients consider the treatment to be painful, but it may feel slightly uncomfortable for the first 5-10 minutes of treatment, until you become accustomed to the sensation. Many of our clients report feeling relaxed.

Are There Any Side Effects or After Effects?

Due to the increased blood flow, the breast area may look red immediately after treatment; this usually fades within 20 minutes, similar to an eyebrow wax. Depending upon how sensitive you are, there may be some slight bruising which will fade within a few days.

If you decide not to have further sessions the breasts return to normal size and appearance they were before treatment. There are no permanent marks or scarring.

How Long Does Each Treatment Take?

A session lasts between 30-60 minutes depending upon your requirements. You will be comfortable throughout so this will not seem too long.

Is The Treatment Permanent?

Permanent resizing and uplifting can only be achieved via painful and costly surgery. Non-Surgical Breast Enhancements builds upon your natural breasts and tissues, therefore, if it is not in your natural build to have large, firm, plump breasts, you will need to continue to have treatments to maintain any enhancement achieved. The more treatments you have, the longer the results last.

How Long Does The Treatment Last ?

One session can last anywhere from 2-7 days, ideal if you’re just wanting an extra lift for a special occasions, i.e. a wedding. If you desire longer lasting results, you will need to have maintenance sessions. The more treatments and maintenance sessions you have, the more effective and longer lasting the affects will be.

I Have Had Children and Breastfed, Is This Treatment Suitable For Me?

Yes!  This treatment is perfect for you. During pregnancy your breasts grow bigger, so there will already be some elasticity in your breast tissues. It also works well with people who have lost weight.

Do I Have To Rest Following A Treatment?

Absolutely not! This is a non-evasive treatment, so you can go back to your normal daily routine straight after treatment.

How Many Sessions A Week Can I Have?

Our highly trained therapist will discuss your requirements with you and advise upon a person centred programme to suit your individual needs. Each treatment can be provided between 4-7 days apart.

I Have Already Had Surgical Breast Enhancements, Is This Treatment Suitable For Me?

I’m afraid not, if you have had breast augmentation, then we are unable to perform this treatment on you.

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