Metatronia Therapy, although it may feel very new, is actually a very ancient and divine healing vibration. People are waking up to this Divine & powerfully transforming energy and are receiving amazing results in many areas of their lives. They are coming into their Awakening. It is now a recognised healing system and is recognised by certain Insurance Companies. (Please note this system is not the same as Metatronic Healing).

There are pre-requisites in place with the attunement process and these are due to the Approved and Accredited Trainer status that we hold for Metatronia Therapy.

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A straightforward distant attunement with workbook, Application form and Q&A to be completed before attunement without any further supporting materials.

Distant Attunement, including materials images, teachings, direction, guidance, group discussion, Q&A session and more. The Recordings will be sent to you via email.

At this level you are attuned to use the energy for your own purpose and not in a professional/Therapist (Active) capacity. The MTFOL Fee is not payable for this attunement level. At this level the energy is used for self-development and some healing for family and friends only. You are not able to work in a professional Practitioner capacity at this level of non active status. If you then wish to go on to be upgraded to the Active Practitioner level – you must inform the MTFOL, forward your Fee of £30 (one-off payment for membership). The Active Practitioner Upgrade certificate will be sent to you. Your details will then be put on to the Practitioner Register.


At this level you are attuned to actively practice as a Metatronia Therapist. The MTFOL fee is payable at this level and this fee is included in the purchase price. (Please visit for further details regarding the Foundation).



This is the final attunement. Master Healer/Attuner enables you to attune others. You must become an active practitioner before you can be considered for Master Attuner.


An application form is the first form to complete to assess your suitability to become attuned. Then a Q&A accompanies the workbook, which requires completion and sending back to your Attuner before attunement can commence. The completed Q&A confirms you have fully read through and understood the modules within the workbook prior to your Attunement process.

Metatronia energy works on intuition/channelled instructions/information from Metatron. For the first month after attunement is a time of self-healing, balancing of left/right brain hemispheres, and an overall balancing and restructuring so that you have a firm base and vessel to carry this energy.

After the first month you are then able to heal others although some are finding they are able to heal before the 30 days. Its best to go with how you feel within. If you are ready you will know. The workbook issued goes into more detail and the MTFOL are here to support all Practitioners if it is required after the attunement process. T

he majority of the work of Metatronia Therapy is channelled from Archangel Metatron. He will be your guide and your helper from the moment you are attuned. You will be receiving a very powerful healing energy that is breathtaking and you will learn to work with the healing energy in different ways. Although the base teachings given in the workbook remain the same across the board for everyone, your own unique journey will begin with Metatron. For some that have already been attuned to Metatronia Therapy it is clear that Metatron will work with us differently according to the energies we can hold and the work we are to do.

The Attunements are experienced uniquely by each individual Being. Our DNA is unique, our connection is unique, our own journey is unique. No one human being carries the same coding as another, not from a 3D perspective. The attunements are not just about healing yourself and others. The attunements open you up to many different dimensions. Working through the Ego, letting go, unburdening, healing, but so much more. People are experiencing it in their own unique way. It is very intriguing. You cannot view this healing vibration from a linear mind perspective as it goes above and beyond any expectations we may have or have had with other healing systems. This is very much about total surrender to the One Light and divine essence and truth within ourselves. This healing does not work through the ego state/linear mind. It has no place within this vibration.

This is not like Reiki. It is a completely different, unique energy, and is a finer and more powerful/transformational frequency. Please email me if you would like instruction regarding Distant Attunements. It is one of the most beautiful energies I have ever worked with. It is, although magnificently transformation and powerful, a very loving and extremely direct vibration that will move you mountains within and outside of yourself.



This is the first level attunement. You will receive energies and frequencies to heal yourself and then be able to go on and heal others. The first attunement level is often felt as the more intense frequency as the sacred geometric codings align with your frequency and begin to work their magic. This first level is where the deep connection with Metatron occurs. Some feel overwhelmed with the connection, others feel different, again it depends on your unique DNA coding and although this is healing energy, it does so very much more. Not only healing the physical body but the Celestial, Aura, Chakras, Lightbody, Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies are balanced and healed also. Many changes begin to occur in your life. You will work through the mental body blockages, conditionings, behavior, rigidity, as the expansion occurs you will grown in light and begin to connect to your true Soul’s light and One Source energy.


At Master level you will be shown how to attune others to Metatronia Therapy and be able to hold a higher vibration. (You must have done the Healer Attunement before this one). This completes the Attunement process, there being only two attunements with regards to Healing. You must have been attuned to level I initially and give a period of 3 months minimum before you can take the Master Attunement.