Fat Reduction Ultrasound Cavitation

After Care Advice

You MUST drink plenty of water when undertaking this treatment, as drinkig water will help metabolize the glycerol and fatty acids released from the fat cells. Healthy eating is advised during and after treatment to enhance results.

It is also important to refrain from consuming any alcoholic substance until 3 days after your treatment. This will enable your liver to remove fats more effectively without prioritising the metabolism of alcohol, which would impede results.

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Cavitation / Inch Loss

Our therapists will discuss with you which area you wish to treat, they will then apply gel to this area and begin the treatment. They will use an applicator which transmits a low level frequency to the desired areas. This is painless although you may experience a slight buzzing sound and vibration which is due to the sound waves. The treatment will last approximately 20-30 minutes, although the length of time is dependent upon the individuals fat tissue density.
Other than a little redness around the localised area, this procedure is completely harmless.

Cavitation / Inch Loss Advice:

Tanning either in the sun or via lamps can cause your skin to become extra sensitive to the use of sound waves, so we recommend avoiding any form of tanning 3 days before your treatment to maximise results and minimise any risks.

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Cavitation Sessions

One cavitation session often results in a 1cm-5cm reduction in the layer of fat, however, for optimal results Cavitation requires between 6-12 sessions, depending on the layer of fat being treated. Each session is conducted no longer than 2-3 days apart; this is to ensure the cells do not reabsorb the fat. This also allows us to monitor your progression each step of the way to ensure optimal results.

Although this is our advice, you are under no obligation to have more than one session if you chose not to.

Rear Arms
from £55
With your rear arm (triceps region) accounting for 2/3 of your entire arm, a toned look makes a huge difference. We can make this possible with the use of ultrasound technology or freezing the fat away. All you have to do is book a consultation today and a trained therapist will advise you on what is right for you.
Upper & Lower Abdomen
from £55
Stubborn fat around the abdomen area is a genetic burden for a lot of us. With little effort we can help you achieve that perfect abdomen to help you look good in any clothes you want. This is made possible through fat freezing, ultrasound and laser lipolysis but come in and see us for a full consultation and will tell you exactly what you need.
Lower & Upper Back
from £55
Layer of fat down our backs can be difficut to target with exercise. We can help by freezing the fat away or by using ultrasound technology. Our therapists will advise you on the best procedure during the consultation.
Inner Thighs/ Outer Thighs
from £55
Us ladies know how troublesome thighs can be ! Using ultrasound technology and fat freezing we can help you achieve sexy, slim thighs in no time. The first step is having a full consultation with our therapists who will advise you on the best procedure.
from £55
Many of us simply dont have the time or motivation to do 100’s of squats each day to achieve that perfect derrriere, neither do we have the money to spend on cosmetic surgery, which can often go wrong. Our non-invasive approach can help you to get that perfect behind you’ve always craved. Our therapists will advise you on which procedure is best for you.
Bra / Bck Rolls
from £55
Having that extra layer of fat under your bra can be uncomfortable especially if you’re lucky enough to have above average assests! There is an answer and our therapists will be happy to advise you whether the use of radio frequency (RF), or ultrasound technology (Cavitation) would suit you best.
Post Pregnancy Correction
from £55
Whilst giving birth maybe a magical and lifechanging experience, it can be tough on the skin, often leaving behind it a loose and saggy mummy tummy. The use of our radio frequency cosmetic treatments can tighten the skin and leave it looking tighter and smoother. Our therapists will talk you through the treatment options during your consultation.
Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck
from £55
A smooth, toned and sexy abdomen is something many of us can only dream of. The use of fat freezing and ultra sound technology we can successfully remove that unwanted fat. Come in and speak to one of our therapists today.