Angel Card Readings

I’ve had the blessing of seeing spirit from six years old. When I was elevn years old I became fascinated by tarot cards after watching my mother do readings, I just knew it was for me to. So for years I played about doing readings for friends and family, in pubs and other events. Which then lead me on to angel cards.

Angel Cards are non-denominational, they help to link in with an individual’s guardian angel, archangels and ascended masters to help provide an uplifting, spiritual, healing way of helping to heal and harmonize every aspect of a person’s life.

I have undergone training with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine to become qualified in Angel Card Reading. Im now able to bring this fascinating and healing service to you.

There are various decks of cards which can be used for all manner of things or specific readings. I tend to use the cards I feel drawn to prior to a client arriving for their reading.

I always cleanse and bless the cards before each new reading to ensure any energy from previous readings are removed. During the reading I ask the person’s guardian angel to guide me to choose the most appropriate cards for the person. I never allow anyone to touch my cards as they are infused with my energy alone. This way helps to ensure you are getting THE most personalised reading just for you.

A reading can consist of three cards to help you understand a particular situation in life from the recent past, current and near future. Or a full card reading, (seven cards) to give you a general overview of life.

I then tune into the divine guidance and message your angels wish to pass onto you. Every message is given with love and a desire to guide. Each reading will be unique to you. If you wish please bring a camera or you can use your mobile phone to take a photograph of your card spread to refresh your memory after the reading.

Legally, I am required to advise you all readings are for entertainment purposes only and for insurances purposes I am required to advise readings are a form of healing.