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Meditation Class

Held Every Saturday Cost:£5 Time:12.30pm till 1.30pm with Lisa 




Beautiful brows with Microblading.

In an effort to continue to bring you the newest aesthetic trends the industry has to offer, we are happy to announce the addition of Microblading, a semi-permanent brow service, to our Trinity Clinic with Leanne Jarvis. 

What exactly is Microblading?

Microblading is a manual, semi-permanent method, also referred to as Brow Embroidery, 3D brows, microstroking or brow resurrection.  Done by hand, using a fine blade to deposit a small amount of ink into the skin, it is considered semi-permanent and less invasive than the permanent method which is done by machine. All pigment is impacted into the epidermal layer of the skin- the one that naturally renews itself on a regular basis. Because we’re introducing pigment so close to the surface of the skin, we’re able to emulate the look of real hair.

How long does it last?

Because it is considered semi-permanent the tattoo will last anywhere from 1-2 years depending on the skin type and lifestyle. Healthy skin, without any underlying pathological factors usually requires a retouch once every year.

Does it hurt?

There is some discomfort associated with the procedure. Two topical anesthetics are used; one at the onset if you wish to apply beforehand and one in between. The sensation is described as that of threading.

How long does it take?

The procedure takes roughly two hours, sometimes more or less. Please allow a solid two hour window for your appointment. The whole time may not always be needed, but this isn’t something to be rushed.

How long does it take to heal?

Healing time varies from individual to individual. Usually it takes a week to ten days for the epithelial crust to form and slough off. Your skin will be considered healed after that happens.


Cryolipolysis- Fat Freezing £99 per area 


Coolifting On special for £70 per treatment 



Treatments from £50 



Target them hated areas with Fat Reduction Ultrasound Cavitation for only

1 Session  £55

6 sessions  £250

Non-Surgical Face Lifts

10 sessions £150 thats a massive saving





Beauty Courses 

Non-Surgical Face Lift and body lift course £150 14th of September

Tinting date: 14th December  cost; £70 time: 9am till

Semi-Permanent Date: 14th December cost; £120 time: till

Intimate Waxing date: 21st December cost; £100 time: 9,30am till 2,30pm

Threading date: 21st December cost; £80 time: 9am till

Waxing date: 21st December cost; £120 time: till


Holistic Courses in Septemebr


Angelic Reiki: level 1 and 2 Date: 2nd of Decemebr to the 4th of  Cost: £252


Star Healing workshop Date: 

Cost: £500 

Volunteers needed for FREE treatments


Spiritual Development Workshop

Date: 6th December

Time: 7:15pm till 8:30pm

Cost: £7



Allergy Testing with John Neal Date: 10th Novemebr

Cost: Food Test only £25

Food + Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies £40 

Airborne Allergies £10

Food + Vitamin + Mineral Deficiencies & Airborne Allergies £50



 22nd of December

Merlin is offering Astrology Readings.

Half hour readings ONLY £25

Full hour readings ONLY £40

Skype or emails are also available

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